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Manufacturing Compressor Valves For Over 40 Years

Our compressor valves manufacturers work on CNC mills, CNC lathes, manual lathes, and mills. Mill spec sheets are required on all materials purchased from suppliers. Rigid inspections during the manufacturing process are the foundation of our company’s Quality Control Program.

We manufacture a variety of aftermarket seats, guards, bolts, nuts, guide rings, and valve plates. From cylinder heads to crankshafts we can supply all your needs. Many designs have been improved or re-designed according to preference of our customers.

One Stop Compressor Valve Manufacturer

An extensive inventory is maintained on the most popular valve types. Our inventory of repair parts includes seats, guards, valve plates, rings, springs, buttons, pins, bolts, poppets, channels, feather strips, valve repair kits, starters, rod and wiper packing, valve puller kits, and more. Call us for more details!

Providing service to Houston, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Bakersfield, CA, Scranton, PA and nationwide!

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