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Repair and Maintenance

Repair or Replace Natural Gas Compressor Valves & More

When you have a natural gas compressor out of service, it is our job to get you back on line with compressor valve repair kits, reliable valves, rods, pistons, rings, cylinders, liners, packing kits, starters, and more.

Since 1971, a growing list of customers, both majors and independents, has assured us that we do the job well. We repair and we manufacture a broad variety of valves and parts for virtually all major compressors brands.

Repair and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Complete Cylinder Repair
  • Liner Repair or Replacement
  • Piston Rod Repair or Replacement
  • Piston Repair or Replacement
  • Pump Plunger Repair or Replacement
  • Valve Puller Kits
  • Starter: Sales, Repair, or Exchange
  • Magnafluxing
  • Power Cylinder Head Repair, Exchange, or Sale
  • Various Engine Parts: New or Used
  • Compressor Valve Repair
  • Compressor Analysis
  • Valve Repair Kits
  • Rod and Wiper Packing Repair and Kits
  • Portable Machining
  • Line Boring and Wire Line

More than just compressor valves…

Beyond compressor valves, our repair and replacement services extend to pump valves, fuel-injection valves, air-starter valves, scavenger air valves, packing glands, power cylinder heads, rods, pistons, starters, pumps, liner repair, portable line boring, wire line, and a variety of engine and compressor parts.

From the Odessa and Corpus Christi manufacturing plants to any of our seven service centers – El Reno, OK; Longview, TX; Weatherford, TX; Corpus Christi, TX; Farmington, NM; Pinehurst, TX; and Odessa, TX – our specialists are available for diagnosing and servicing when problems arise or preventative maintenance before your equipment is down.

We will be there when you need us, 24 hours a day. We want to make your equipment more reliable. Let us fine-tune your reciprocating compressors to your specifications, or pick up one of our compressor valve repair kits.